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We don’t just maintain your GMB listing: We improve your business rankings for your targeted keywords, resulting in more calls, appts & sales!

If you’re keywords are close to the Top 3 rankings, we can give you the push you need to bump those competitors and keep you there. If you’re already ranking Top 3 for all your keywords, our management service will help to keep you their, with strategic profile engagement.

Get Your Business Ranking Higher For Your Targeted Keywords!

Your time is valuable, and we understand that running your business should be your main focus. Let us take care of your Google My Business Management so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

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The Colored Stars Represent Your Keyword Ranking Position, Green is Good!

Why Your Business Absolutely Needs Our GMB Management Service!

Google is not a set it and forget type of business. You can’t just set up an account and expect amazing results. Your account must be interacting with your potential customers at all times.

Our Google My Business Management Service gives you a hands off solution for higher rankings, greater visibility, and more business from your Google My Business listing.

Google My Business monthly management is crucial for your business’s online success. Our expert team ensures your GMB listing is optimized and updated every week, unlocking opportunities, and putting your business in a better position for more calls, appts & sales.

With GMB monthly management, you will continue to have a powerful highly targeted listing that works tirelessly for your business. We handle updates, reviews, and engaging content, building trust with your audience that helps to convert leads into loyal customers.

Stay ahead of the competition with strategic GMB management. We optimize your listing with relevant information, conduct keyword research, and implement effective strategies to maintain and increase your local search rankings.

Here are some of the benefits of having us  as your professional GMB management service:

Enhanced Online Visibility.
Increased Click Through Rates.
Improved Local Search Rankings.
Accurate and Consistent Information.
Review Monitoring and Reputation Management.
Google Insights and Analytics.
Optimization of Business Description and Categories.
Integration with Other Google Services.
Handling Special Features.
Time and Resource Savings.

At the end of each month we’ll review all the Insights to make sure we’re staying on track with our goals. We will also perform ongoing keyword research and analyze your rankings to uncover where you should be ranking and what targeted keyword traffic will drive the most revenue.

Questions & Answers

Have complete peace of mind knowing that your Google My Business profile is active and up to date without spammy suggestions from online trolls (or competitors) trying to hurt your Google local rankings and get your business listing removed from Google Maps.

From business listing management, Google posts, and replying to your reviews to posting photos and tracking phone calls, our GMB Experts do it all! Your Google My Business account is in great hands with ABC Design Group.

We ensure your Google My Business profile is healthy, optimized, up to date and spam free. Plus, if we ever notice anything fishy, we will go to bat for you and your business and use the right channels to fix potential location issues and problems on your behalf.

Your GMB manager performs a variety of tasks such as:
1) Review progress and send status reports
2) Plan and execute strategy
3) Create Google Business listing posts
4) Update Google Business listing details and descriptions
5) Add Google Business listing products and services
6) Manage Google Business auto updates
7) Respond to reviews and prospective customer questions etc..

Keyword research: Identify relevant keywords to optimize the GMB listing.

Title and description optimization: Craft compelling titles and descriptions with targeted keywords.

Category selection: Choose the most appropriate categories to ensure accurate classification.

Business information updates: Regularly update business hours, contact details, and website links.

Posts creation: Create engaging posts with updates, promotions, events, or announcements.

Photos and videos: Upload high quality visuals to showcase products, services, and the business environment.

Product or service updates: Keep the GMB listing current with new offerings or changes.

Special offers and discounts: Promote exclusive deals to attract customers.

Monitor and respond: Monitor customer reviews and promptly respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Reputation management: Strategically address negative reviews to mitigate their impact.

Encourage reviews: Implement strategies to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews.

Insights and analytics: Regularly analyze GMB insights and provide reports on listing performance, visibility, and customer engagement metrics.

Competitor analysis: Monitor and analyze competitor GMB listings to identify opportunities and stay ahead.

Stay informed: Keep up with new GMB features, updates, and best practices to leverage the latest tools and functionality.

Consistency across locations: Ensure uniform branding and accurate information across all GMB listings.

Location specific optimization: Tailor strategies to each location’s target audience and unique characteristics, also resulting in multiple Google listings within your local service area.

Learn more on our “GMB Expand Service Area / Add Locations” page.

Yes, if you would like a more personal approach to your monthly GMB performance, we will schedule a phone call that best fits your schedule. Typically reports and updates through email is the method of communication, but we do not mind, we just find that our customers do like to be constantly in communication with us. Whatever works for your business needs, is what we will aim to achieve.

Consultation sessions: Conduct regular meetings to discuss listing performance, address concerns, and strategize for improvement.

Recommendations and insights: Provide actionable recommendations based on data analysis to optimize the GMB listing’s effectiveness.


We offer dedicated support and ongoing assistance for any GMB related questions or issues.

We also remain proactive to keep you informed about changes in the GMB platform and implement necessary updates or modifications.

We are a month to month service. No contracts are neccessary. We do not need an agreement for you to stay with us. Our results speak for themselves.

Just send us an email or phone call prior to the next billing cycle. No hassle. You are either happy with the results or not.

Visit our “GMB Expand Service Area” page, read up on it a little, then call us. We will get you set up and ranking for multiple locations within 90 Days.

Grow Your Business w/ GMB Monthly Management!

$295 Month

Our Primary Service For Monitoring, Managing, Maintaining and Improving Your Local Google My Business Rankings!


Number of Locations Serviced


Number of Keywords to Target


Analysis & Audits

Google My Business Audit

Top Competitors Analysis

Keyword Targeting Analysis

Initial Keyword Discussion

Evaluate, Create and Execute

Website Optimization

Optimize Title Tags & Descriptions


GMB Profile Optimization

Full GMB Listing Optimization

Correct Primary Business Category

Keywords in Business Title – TBD

Confirm Physical Address in Targeted City

Add Secondary Categories if Available


Google Review Rating 4.2+ – TBD

Reviews Include Targeted Keywords – TBD

40+ Reviews – TBD

Respond to Each Review – TBD

Take Down Competitors Who Spam

Business Map Pin in Correct Location

Website Link Pointing Back to GMB Listing

H1, H2 Site Keywords Matching GMB

GMB Link Pointing to Optimized Website

GMB Post Creation


Add Q & A


Add Your Services

Add Your Products

Add Business Hours

Add Geo Tagged Photos


Add Service Areas

NAP Consistency Check / Contact Details

Google Business Listing 100% Complete

Monthly GMB Management

Full GMB Management

Weekly Profile Updates

Respond to Reviews Weekly

Weekly Posts Targeting Keywords

Weekly Q&A Targeting Keywords

Respond to Q&A from Customers

Showcase Products & Services

Moderate Spam & Policy Violations

Upload Geo Targeted Images & Photos

Monitor Competitor Performance

New & Existing Keyword Optimization

Troubleshoot Any Problems

Expand Service Area

Prevent Competitor Edits

Monitor & Maintain Targeted Keywords

Improve Keyword Rankings

Monthly Performance Reporting

Full Transparency & Communication

Monthly Heat Grid Rankings Report

Anything else that will be thrown our way..

Management Done Right, Hassle Free!

"We're getting free traffic from keywords that our competitors are paying $21 per click for. All because of Google My Business."
"Google My Business is the most overlooked source of customers. Because most business owners think it's just a place to collect reviews. But it's more than that. (So much more.)"
"We now get more customers without spending a dime on ads."
"Took 6 months for a #1 ranking, but wow.. day and night difference with my bookings."
1. Green Source Janitorial - June 5, 2023 Keyword: Office Cleaning / Average Ranking 7.60
1. Just 10 Days Later! We bumped the competition and put them Top 3 Ranking across the board..
2. Green Source Janitorial - May 22, 2023 Keyword: Janitorial Service / Average Ranking 7.64 / 64 Sq Mile Radius
2. 1st Month of Management, Top 3 Ranking Across the board! And, Expanded Service area to 144 Sq miles