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Get More Calls, Appts & Sales w/ Multiple Google My Business Locations!

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Dominate Your Local Service Area with multiple GMB listings, and become the unstoppable force in your industry. Conquer various geographic areas and outshine your competition at every turn. Imagine appearing in search results for each location, capturing the attention of potential customers near and far. More listings mean more opportunities to engage with your target audience and generate new business!

IMPORTANT: To get started you will need to set up 2 required details. You will also need to have your Main GMB Listing under our “Monthly Management Service”. We only perform this service for existing clients.

google my business multiple location management

Here's why your business absolutely needs more than one GMB listing!

… and most likely, your competitors are not doing this …

Laser Targeted Approach: Unlock the power of a well tailored marketing strategy. Each GMB listing can be meticulously optimized to cater to specific target markets, customer segments, and services you offer. We craft compelling descriptions, upload captivating photos, and create enticing posts that resonate with the unique preferences of each audience. By speaking directly to their needs, you’ll build stronger connections, foster trust, and drive an avalanche of sales!

Turbocharged Visibility: With multiple GMB listings, you’ll be front and center, impossible to ignore. Increase the number of listings appearing in local search results, skyrocket your visibility, and ensure customers can easily find you. By targeting specific keywords, categories, or service areas for each listing, you’ll be popping up left, right, and center, attracting an army of eager customers seeking your exceptional products and services!

Unleash Unprecedented Growth: The true power of multiple GMB listings is the ability to fuel exponential growth. As you expand your physical locations, penetrate new markets, or diversify your offerings, these listings become your secret weapon. With each new listing, you unlock fresh streams of revenue, forge new customer relationships, and pave the way for a prosperous future. The sky’s the limit when you have multiple GMB listings propelling your business forward!

After we optimize your new locations and get them ranking for your main keywords, we will then manage your multiple GMB listings which requires dedication and constant engagement, with the rewards of your new campaign being immeasurable. Buckle up and let the power of multiple GMB listings turbocharge your business to unparalleled success. This is a secret and ethical method for rapid growth that only a few businesses actually know about and implement.

Questions & Answers

We will use your main GMB account to add each new location. We will then verify the new locations via postcard, email or phone. So yes, separate locations and listings, while using the same GMB account. This is because your website already has a presence. We do not want to create multiple websites for multiple listings, this would slow down the process and would substantially delay the desired outcome. We use your same website for each listing.

Absolutely! We are a GMB management service. We will monitor, manage, maintain and continue to improve your rankings, and stay up to date with the latest trends and changes. Once we have the desired rankings, we must keep them. This is achieved with constant profile engagement, which includes many weekly tasks to perform. The benefits of increased visibility and customer targeting outweigh the extra effort.

Yes, Google provides guidelines for managing multiple listings. It’s important that we follow these guidelines to avoid any potential violations. Additionally, we ensure that each location has its own unique physical address and complies with Google’s policies.

Yes! Expanding your service area with multiple locations will positively impact your search ranking and visibility. By creating separate listings for each location, you increase your number of listings appearing in local search results, attracting more customers searching specifically for businesses in these areas you are currently not receiving customers from. Expand your businesses service area, and more listings for your business appearing in the local search results, this is a game changer for any business.

Yes, we fully optimize each location with some of the same and some unique content and images. Our main focus is the ability to get your new locations ranking for the top keywords that represent your business, which ultimately will lead to more sales.

We utilize the Google My Business dashboard on a 3rd party software to monitor and respond to customer reviews for each location separately. We regularly check and address feedback, ensuring timely responses to maintain a positive online reputation across all your locations. We have more information about our GMB management services, in the management section of our website.

We optimize each location’s listing by including relevant keywords, selecting accurate categories, and providing detailed descriptions. Additionally, encourage customers to leave reviews, update posts regularly, and leverage Google My Business Insights to track performance and make data driven optimizations. If you are viewing this on desktop, the column to the right has more details. If you are viewing this on mobile, the column below this section has more details.

We ask that you give us 90 days to get you new locations fully optimized and ranking for your targeted keywords. If at the end of 90 days your new locations are not ranking, we will pause billing and continue to work for free until our desired outcome is achieved. Typically, once your new locations are verified with Google, we can expect to see new locations ranking within the first 30 days.

Absolutely! Google is not a set it and forget type of business. Google requires dozens of weekly tasks to be performed to achieve top rankings and to maintain top rankings. Google rewards the businesses who put in the most effort.

Please refer to the “GMB Monthly Management” section of our website. 

Expand Service Area w/ Multiple Locations!

$395 Month Per Location

Building Out New Locations takes 60 – 90 Days!

Each Location Added Will Be Fully Optimized to Achieve Targeted Keyword Rankings for Your Local Service Area.


Estimated Time for Full Optimization

3 mo

Number of Locations Serviced


Number of Keywords to Target


Analysis & Audits

Google My Business Audit

Website Audit

Top Competitors Analysis

Keyword Targeting Analysis

Initial Keywords Discussion

Evaluate, Create and Execute

Local Search Setup

Google My Business Setup

Bing Local / Maps

Apple Maps

Google My Business Optimization

Full GMB Listing Optimization

Correct Primary Business Category

Keywords in Business Title – TBD

Confirm Physical Address in Targeted City

Add Secondary Categories if Available


Google Review Rating 4.2+ – TBD

Reviews Include Targeted Keywords – TBD

Get 40+ Reviews – TBD

Respond to Each Review – TBD

Take Down Competitors Who Spam

Business Map Pin in Correct Location

Website Link Pointing Back to GMB Listing

H1, H2 Site Keywords Matching GMB

GMB Link Pointing to Optimized Website

GMB Post Creation


Add Q & A


Add Your Services

Add Your Products

Add Business Hours

Add Geo Tagged Photos


Add Service Areas

NAP Consistency Check / Contact Details

New Google Business Listing 100% Complete

Google My Business Super Boost Listing

Duplicate Citation Check

Citation Clean Up & Duplicate Removal

Manually Created Top Local Citations


Google Authority Stacking – Google Sites


Google Map Stacking – 20 Mile Radius

4,000 Pins

Google Map Embed w/ Backlinks & NAP


High DA Profile Backlinks


Web 2.0 Contextual Backlinks


Drip Feed – Backlinks Appear Natural

Guaranteed to Increase Maps Visibility

No Bots Or Spammy Submitters

All Accounts & Links Manually Created

Monthly Updates & Reports

You will need to have your Primary Google Business Profile under our "Monthly Management Service". We only perform this service for existing clients. Please contact us prior to placing order, Thank You!